The 1st step involved in an app development, is the implementation of an idea into an app. We have certain ideas in our mind and try to relate them with each other and then try to bring it to reality. Although it’s a tough task, I suggest the people to put it into papers, note down everything and see how we relate them and bring them into reality.

Market research and analysis

The app development is cost effective process. It takes a lot of time and manpower. So we need to keep in mind that once we launch our app, it should fulfil the needs of the people. If there is no demand in the market then there is no use of app. Although we launch an app with all the sophisticated features, it wont be used unless there is a  demand for it.


The second stage is implementing of our plan in a detailed manner including the features and design. Planning must start with the goals of the app and the way user interacts with it. The app developer should focus on the output and translate different goals into tasks.


The next step involves design of the app including icon and how each page appears. So we need to design the sketch of everything of a paper which is known as wireframing. The different pages that need to be wireframed are layout, pages, home screen, notification pages and logos. All these things are needed to be put on paper before going for the next step.


The next step is the development of the app by app developers. This is the main step as the whatever the concrete work that we have done till now, will be put together and developed as an app. So we need to put a concrete timeline and the costs involved for the developers.

QA and Testing

After full and final development, the app will be tested if is having any bugs. So in the process we should make it free of bugs, so that it runs smoothly without any hassle.

The development process completes here and we come to the final stage of launching. Before we launch we should make sure it is marketed properly in the digital platforms.